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Managed Wifi for Business

STI Telecom is the company you can count on for the professional deployment of managed wifi solutions for business

STI Telecom's managed wifi solutions consider the uniqueness of your business and its needs. Your company will benefit from professional installations by our experienced technicians. Our professionally trained staff has many years of experience in the assessment, design and implementation of network cabling and wifi installations.



Aruba has you covered


​​Full range of Wi-Fi 6 certified indoor APs with built in AI to meet the needs of diverse enterprises.








​WPA3 and enhanced open (PDF) improve encryption while PEG isolates and segment traffic.





Cloud Management  


Resilient and flexible for 24/7 network access at multi-gigabit speeds, even during maintenance and unplanned outages.






Maximize your wireless access point performance with a free, professional, technical site assessment from one of our experienced technicians. 

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