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Security Cameras Montreal

Discover the best wired and wireless security cameras for your video surveillance system.

Get expert surveillance equipment installation.

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Wireless Security Cameras

The greatest indoor and outdoor wireless security camera set for your CCTV surveillance system. In addition, your package comes complete with optional remote monitoring capabilities and your network IP cameras are available with HD video and audio. Our equipment inventory includes hidden security cameras, mini spy cameras, pinhole cameras for covert surveillance, and more.

CCTV Cameras

The best indoor and outdoor digital CCTV security cameras and monitors for your company’s surveillance system. Enhance your closed-circuit television camera system with a Network Video Recorder (NVR), IP cameras with HD video and audio, as well as the most recent CCTV software. In addition, your package comes complete with optional remote monitoring. Our equipment inventory includes dome cameras, mini cameras, infrared cameras, multiplexers, lens, dummy cameras, cables, and more. As a closed-circuit television supplier, we work closely with manufacturers and distributors to provide custom solutions and expert camera system installation.

IP PTZ Security Cameras

High quality PTZ cameras enhance your video surveillance system with pan-tilt-zoom capabilities. Closed-circuit television (CCTV) monitors and a network video recorder (NVR) are used in combination with PTZ cameras as a complete surveillance solution.

DVR Camera System.png

DVR Camera System

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DVR Camera System

Our digital video recording equipment inventory includes NVR/DVR cards, monitors and a selection of wired and wireless CCTV security cameras for your NVR/DVR security system.

The greatest security cameras to complement your NVR and DVR video surveillance system.

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Hikvision Security Cameras

The top indoor and outdoor IP cameras and (NVR) network video recorders for your Hikvision camera system.

Our equipment inventory includes wired and wireless CCTV cameras and kits, the turbo HD DVR series, DS series cameras, bullet and dome camerasNetwork IP cameras, PTZ cameras, IR network cameras, PoE cameras, Wi-Fi cameras, and more.

As a leading Hikvision supplier in Canada, we provide expert installation of all Hikvision products.

The video surveillance industry is seeing unprecedented growth. Impacted by rising security concerns and the adoption of new technology, network video surveillance is readily available to customers who need the flexibility and security that encrypted network video promises. The IP camera network has given rise to remote security management that is easy to scale and modify. Additionally, an IP camera system offers a rich cash-flow friendly surveillance option for first-time buyers.

Video surveillance over the IP network has generated new possibilities for the security manager to deliver unparalleled security solutions.

Meeting video surveillance demands

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Build on your current CCTV system

You’ve already invested substantial resources into your existing video surveillance solution. So, the integration of network video with your current CCTV solution lets you benefit from the functionality that an IP surveillance system offers by building on what you already have instead of replacing it.

Have video surveillance questions?
IP Camera System Functionality
Remote pan/tilt/zoom
Power over Ethernet (PoE)
Video motion detection
Why switch to IP surveillance?
Image Quality
Video Recording
How does an IP camera system work?
  1. A video encoder connects with your existing analog cameras to convert images into a digital video stream that transmits over your IP network infrastructure.

  2. Network cameras use an IP network to send video. They can be added to or replace your analog cameras.

  3. Video management software is used for video monitoring and recording. The video can be stored on any computer.

  4. You can monitor cameras remotely over your IP network or the web.

  5. If analog equipment is used monitor digital video feed, a video decoder will be needed to convert digital video back into its original analog format.

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The true benefits of video surveillance over the IP network
HD image quality

High-definition quality lets you focus more closely to details, allowing for faster response in emergency situations.

Easily Scalable

Your IP video surveillance system grows with you. You can add network cameras as your need changes.

Future-Proof Ready

The possibilities of network video are nearly limitless. It integrates with new and existing equipment making a fundamental component IP video surveillance system.

Smart Security Surveillance

Thanks to video motion detection, audio detection and tampering alerts, the amount of video is drastically reduced. The allows the operator to focus on suspicious behaviors that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Low Cost of Ownership

As an extension of your current network, an IP video surveillance system leverages existing equipment for minimal initial investment.

Increased System Security

An IP video surveillance solution allows you to set access limits depending on operators with password protection. Network video can be encrypted to insure video is viewed by authorized personnel only.

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