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Door Access Control Systems

Your Door Access Control System Supplier for Business

When you consider a door access system, it’s essential that it integrates with your security solution. A good access control supplier can help you choose the right door access system for your business. Furthermore, how will employees use your door access control system? Will they swipe a card? Will they use a fingerprint or biometric reader to gain access? We will explore available door access options in detail.

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Card Access Control Systems

A card access control system lets employees swipe cards to access doors wherever a card reader is located. We can configure door access cards with a card holder’s name, employee number, photo and other credential management parameters to regulate access to restricted areas. Additionally, building security can confirm that access cards are in the right hands; this minimizes the fraudulent use of employee cards.

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RFID Door Access Control System

A RFID door access control system works much in the same way as a card access control system; only the card reader is replaced with a RFID reader. It also allows credential management to restrict access to appropriate personnel. The RFID chips inside key fobs and badges are used to grant access to authorized individuals when in proximity to an RFID reader.

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