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Empower your business with the speed, power, and flexibility of STI Telecom ISDN PRI service.

As your business grows it requires that your telecommunication infrastructure support current and future needs.

Unmatched reliability and up-time, CRM integration, rapid call set-up and disconnect, routing and overflow options, DID numbers and a 4 hr MTTR SLA are just some of the features that will allow your business to succeed.

Let STI Telecom's experienced team take care of the rest.

Priced from 359$/mth.*

*Based on 3 year contract and subject to availability

STI Telecom ISDN PRI Features
  • Digital Access Trunk with 23 voice channels (B-Channels), and 1 signaling channel (D-Channel)

  • ISDN Signaling Port

  • Two-way connection to the PSTN for each voice channel

  • Access to services (411, 611, 711, 911)

  • Caller name and number identification

  • Up to 5 different call routing options (by number or call type)

  • Up to 5 basic overflow routing options

  • 4 hour MTTR SLA

  • Unlimited number of DIDs (extra charges may apply)

  • Emergency Failover (extra charges may apply)

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